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Reel Slots Are the Real Thing

Reel Slots are probably the easiest to play of all the slots machine games. They are the closest to the old-fashioned slot machine invented by Charles Fey in the 1800's and nick-named "the one-armed bandit" because the player always had to pull on the handle. Today's slots are operated by a "spin" button although the handle is still there if one wants to use it. Of course, online slots only require a click on the "spin" button to start the play.

Reel Slots Symbols

Years ago, slots symbols were mostly pictures of fruits, and a winning pay line was achieved when three cherries showed up in the center line. However, with today's technological achievements in the computer world, the symbols can be almost anything depending on a particular slot machine theme.

How to Play Reel Slots

Playing reel slots generally involves following four easy steps, as follows. One: select your coin size. Two: select the number of coins you want to bet. Three: click the Spin button. Four: hope and pray that the spin results in a winning slots combination.

Some reel slots games have special features that make them a little more complicated, but that is basically all there is to playing reel slots.

How to Win at Reel Slots

To win at reel slots, you need three of the same symbol to appear on a payline after the reels stop spinning. A payline can be a horizontal line in the middle of the slot machine, it can be at the top or bottom, or it can be diagonal or zig-zag. But don't worry, each online slot machine will tell you up front where the paylines are and how much the different winning symbols pay.

Three-Reel and Five-Reel Slots

There are generally two types of reel slots: the 3-reel slots and the 5-reel slots, and they may have from one to five different pay lines. Most often, the player can bet from one to three coins at each spin.

Three-Reel Slots

The 3-reel slots are the most basic. The display shows three lines of symbols and pay outs for each machine are always displayed so that the player will be able to understand what symbols must show up, and in what sequence, to get a win. A win can be determined by one symbol showing up across the center line, by one symbol showing in an up/down/up sequence over the three reels, the same symbol showing on the diagonal, and sometimes two of the same symbol showing up in the center reel. Multi-line pay outs generally require a minimum bet in order to win; i.e. if the machine is a three-coin machine, all three coins must be wagered to be eligible.

Online three-reel slots are inevitably more exciting than the land-based variety because of their enhanced graphics. In particular, the 3-reel slots powered by Microgaming software are the most entertaining. Many of the Microgaming's 3-reel slots have a wild symbol which pays a bonus when it shows up in the center reel by multiplying the winning payout.

Five-Reel Slots

Five-reel slot machines work more or less on the same principle as the 3-reel machines with the added two reels, more pay lines and more chances to get bonuses. Some of the bonuses are free spins with multipliers for winning lines. Almost all of the 5-reel slots have wild symbols that increase the player's chance to win payouts. However, for all the bonus and wild symbol wins, the maximum amount of coins must be played.

As with the 3-reel slots, the online 5-reel slots are the most attractive. Their enhanced graphics and their real-life audio sounds are far more exciting than the land-based machines. Microgaming has developed some really wild thematic 5-reel slots which make playing online slots a thrilling experience. There is nothing more lively than playing a few games of an online 5-reel slot machine by Microgaming.