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How to Win at Keno

Just as with any other online casino game, the best way to learn how to win at online Keno is to become acquainted with the rules of the game, and to choose the online casino that is right for you. What makes Keno special, is that you don't have to be an experienced player to win. Keno is like a lottery - it's more about the luck. But you can learn how to win at online Keno by increasing your luck - and increasing your winnings.

How to Win at Keno - Basic Game Rules

Basic game rules are a key to how to win at Keno, or any other game. Basic Keno allows you to choose from one to fifteen numbers out of 80 and place your bet - after which 20 balls are chosen, each with a different number. If enough of your numbers match those on the balls, then you are a winner!

Keno is much like playing the lottery. Have you ever seen on the telly when one of those pretty girls in the slinky dresses stands to the side of the big plastic bubble, watching the balls fly around? If you try to guess the numbers as they drop into the chute, then you already know how to play Keno.

Of course, on the Internet playing online keno is a bit different, but not much. At Keno online casinos, you have more chances to play, and different types of Keno to choose from. There is more excitement, and more action - but the basic game rules are the same.

How to Win at Online Keno - Tips and Tricks

What's the best tip on how to win at Keno? Choose a good casino - that's how. To win at Keno you have to first increase your chances not to lose.

Tips to Choosing The Best Casino Keno Game

Because Keno is all about luck, the skill is in choosing the game. Start with a great casino and you're half-way to winning.

 Choose a reputable online casino, with a solid reputation.

 Check for up-front, good Keno payout records.

 Go for the best, most secure money transaction options.

 Feel your way - look for welcome bonuses and free money.

 Make sure they offer 24-hour service and support

Follow your instincts...towards easy-to-follow rules and simple sign-ups.

Then relax. And play. You know how. Gambling to win means enjoying your Keno game.

You can read books on the internet for tips and tricks on how to play online Keno and tips for winning. Want some real advice? Go with your gut. Sometimes you have lucky days. Sometimes you feel sunny and warm all over. There are moments when you just know that the phone is going to ring. There are times when a split-second changes your life. Is that luck? Is that Cosmic Karma? In many ways, it's all about you. Sometimes you shine - and when you do, that's the time to say "I know how to win at Keno" - and prove it true.